The Rundown on Bongs

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The Rundown on Bongs

Cannabis is one of the most popular and highly consumed types of herbs on earth. While recreational cannabis consumption is legal in some parts of the world, it remains illegal in many countries. Today, cannabis consumption legalization is viewed likely as a never-ending discourse. Cannabis patients, in general, like consuming cannabis for moderated therapeutic relief, as well as recreational purposes, since it gives pain relief and several benefits like the feeling of joy and relaxation, and increased appetite. Additionally, consuming cannabis considers several factors like its form, devices that you will use it with, and so on.

Smoking cannabis depends on a smoker’s preferences, needs, and resources. Likewise, smoking, vaping, or direct ingestion of cannabis are just some of the many consumption methods. Moreover, the consumption of cannabis comes in different forms such as in rolled-up cigarette form or through various smoking devices like bongs, not to mention, the most recommended. What exactly is a bong, and why it is popular in the culture of smoking cannabis all over the world? Today, we delve in to answer all of your burning questions — no pun intended.

Bongs: What Are They?

bong is a smoking device used for various substances including tobacco, but most commonly for cannabis, especially when it is in dried flower form. Its key component is the bowl where the dried cannabis is packed and burned.

Technically known as a pipe, this smoking device makes use of its large chamber which stretches the smoke more than other gadgets and gives you a more potent smoking experience. Even more surprisingly, the bong uses a less amount of bud as well. Likewise, bongs are said to be somewhat similar to a water pipe used to consume flavored tobacco called a hookah. The difference with a hookah is that a multitude of individuals can smoke at the same time using a hose.

There are two categories of bongs, scientific and artistic. Scientific bongs are designed to perform its sole purpose effectively with minding so much about its physical appeal. Unlike the former, artistic bongs gives most of its value to its color, shape, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, bongs come in all different sizes and shapes and usually made out of glass. Getting the right type of bong highly depends on your preferences.

Bongs have been around for centuries and, still, it remains relevant in today’s generation. The thing is, bongs are fancied and recognized for its impeccable function and the benefits it gives—meaning that it is not designed to be portable. So if you want something on-to-go, then maybe a bong isn’t for you, since it is intended as a device where you can enjoy cannabis at its best.

Where Do Bongs Come From?

As mentioned above, bongs have been around for centuries and in almost all parts of the world. Its name comes from the Thai word “baung” which refers to a cylindrical wooden tube, container, or pipe made from bamboo. Unsurprisingly, the origin of bongs has its many versions since it is found right across history all across the globe. Other claims point back to the Ming Dynasty in China as well as in Central Asia.

But then, here is the most factual and evidence-rich origin of bongs: Cannabis originated in Central Asia, so bongs are believed to have come from there as well. Although, contrary to former belief, there is archaeological evidence of thousands-of-years-old bong-like pipes found in Africa. According to studies, nomadic tribes of Ethiopia and others in Eastern Africa developed the smoking mechanism for cannabis. Moreover, the earliest discoveries of a bong-like pipe built into the ground dated back to as early as 1100 A.D.

On the other hand, bongs as a device used for consuming cannabis became sound in the 1960s and 1970s because of the boom of the counterculture. At those times, bongs were the “ultimate avenue to getting high.”

How Exactly Do Bongs Work Anyway?

A bong is simply a smoking device, commonly for consuming cannabis, which sometimes uses water to cool down and stretch the smoke as it passes through. To give you a more detailed explanation, here are six essential parts of a bong that you need to be familiar with to understand how the device works properly:

Bud Bowl or Cone Piece: This is the part of the bong where the cannabis or bud is placed and burnt. Firstly, you need to pack the herbs, not too tightly, in here. Once set, you fire it up until it burns. Keep in mind that you need to inhale through the mouthpiece as you fire the bud in able to lead the smoke to the chamber.

Downstem: This is the part of the bong which holds the bud bowl and catches the smoke. The smoke produced by the burnt herb goes directly here, and it will eventually direct it to the chamber reservoir. Likewise, the smoke moves downward caused by inhaling.

Chamber Reservoir: This is the part of the bong which holds the water. The smoke leads here and the water cools down the smoke temperature because it passes through the water in which, at the same time, acts as a percolator.

Carb or Clutch Hole: This is a small hole somewhere in the upper section of the chamber reservoir. Smokers are to trap the smoke by closing the hole with a finger, and this helps in leading the smoke to move upwards. The carb, when released as the smoke fills the chamber, helps in forcing the smoke to go directly to the lungs through the mouthpiece.

Chamber Neck: This is a long pipe connecting to the chamber reservoir. This part is where the smoke goes before finally reaching your mouth.

Mouthpiece Hole: This is the part of the bong where the you inhale and catch the smoke. The smoke finally goes through this after all the process and filtration that happened.

What Sort Of Materials Are Commonly Found In Bongs?

Bongs are made of any materials as long as it is impermeable to both air and water, but most often it is made of either glass or plastic. The difference between glass-made and plastic-made bongs is mostly on its physical matter. Firstly, glass bongs, as we all know, is very easy to clean and, at the same time, air and watertight. Furthermore, glass bongs are made of borosilicate glass which is more durable compared to other types of glass. Still, keep in mind that it is still prone to damage. With that said, glass bongs are not ideal for on-the-go smoking sessions. On the other hand, plastic bongs are usually recommended for one-time use since it is most likely to be damaged, particularly on the seals around the stem and the bowl.

Aside from those, other bongs are made of ceramic, wood, and metal as well. Additionally, the bowl of a bong is most likely made of metal since it requires to withstand high heat when the bud is fired up and burned.

The Benefits Of Using Bongs With Cannabis

Bongs are not new to cannabis consumers, and it remains relevant until today since it has built a strong reputation. Likewise, bongs never go out of style even with the rise of other new devices.
Well, there are many other devices or ways to consume cannabis. But many, if not most, consumers recommend using bongs since it comes with a lot of benefits. Some of those are:

  • Using bongs can get you much higher because it drives the smoke deeper and faster into the lungs; not to mention using less cannabis.
  • Glass bongs, in particular, produce a clean-taste smoke since it is non-porous—meaning that taste-altering residue does not cling to the surface.
  • Consistency of a good taste of smoke is guaranteed.
  • Bongs will save you money since it is completely reusable and can last for years.
  • Bongs require low-maintenance compared to other smoking devices; it requires minimal and usual cleaning process.
  • Bongs have a “cool” factor, literally; when the smoke passes through the water, the smoke temperature cools down, which is satisfying and pleasurable when inhaled.
  • Bongs can give a different kind of sensation without compromising its authentic flavor and smell, as well as the quantity of smoke it produces.
  • The smoke created using a bong is less harsh on the lungs and throat since it does not have the elements found on dry heat. Likewise, it is ideal for new smokers or those who are sensitive to smoke.

Bongs, Cannabis, and A Stronger Sensation

A bong is a classic in the culture of smoking cannabis. Despite multiple innovations and options offered, bongs will always remain as an icon for a luxurious, smooth, satisfying, and intense—all at once—way of cannabis consumption.

There are a lot of reasons why a bong is often considered the best candidate for smoking cannabis. Aside from the pleasure and intense satisfaction that it gives, bongs are easy to use and maintain. Besides, bongs have been around for centuries so you can guarantee its value.
All the best, a bong works on almost anybody despite having different preferences. So have your way, and experience the wonder of bongs yourself.

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