Mystic Mushys 200mg 10 Capsules Micro-Dose

Mystic Mushys 200mg 10 Capsules Micro-Dose

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Fans of this strain of magic mushrooms often describe it as a great gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies because of the reduced chances you’ll experience a “bad trip.”

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms earned their name from this shroom’s revelatory qualities, “teaching” by revealing perspectives, inner states and epiphanies about our reality through psychadelic experiences. As a seasoned shroomer will tell you, there’s no higher education than that which unveils the mysteries of the universe.

This shroom strain isn’t the strongest but can produce the same kinds of hallucinogenic effects you’d experience with other strains. It’s also quite common for Golden Teacher to produce a feeling of deeper connection or enlightenment, which is why spiritual healers often use Golden Teacher to help people restore their mental and spiritual balance.

Thanks to these hallucinogenic and spiritual qualities, it’s quite possible to experience visionary insight and contact with the essential aspects of the universe during a good Golden Teacher trip.

Visuals 4/5

Creativity 3.5/5

Philosophical 5/5

Intensity 3/5

Overall Strength 3.5/5


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