Elements- Vape Pen Kit 500mg THC (Sativa)

Elements- Vape Pen Kit 500mg THC (Sativa)

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Elements Extracts is a company started by cannabis users, for cannabis users. We pride ourselves on producing a high quality, clean, solvent free distillate. In every single gram of Elements premium cannabis oil you will find 100 percent isolated cannabinoids, full of terpene flavour and free of additives such as PG and VG. Try our strains, and find your element!
Elements Cannabis vaporizer kits include a rechargeable battery, USB adaptor, and cartridge.
– Pre-charged and ready for use.
– Sleek design, with discretion in mind.
Elements refill cartridges are designed with ease in mind. Screw your cartridge into your Elements battery, and enjoy!
– Pre-filled for accuracy and convenience.
– Specially engineered atomizer, designed for Elements viscous consistency, prevents clogs, utilizing every drop of oil.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


– It will take 40 minutes to fully charge your Elements battery from completely flat, and one battery cycle will last approximately 200 draws.
– To turn your battery on/off click the button 5 times. To adjust heat settings, click three times to toggle through the different voltages.
– Please allow your battery to cool down fully between uses. Over use on the highest temperature setting will result in your cartridge burning out more quickly.
– On average one 500mg cartridge will last 150 draws. This depends on the heat setting used and smokers length of draw.
– Your cartridges’ airflow cannot be adjusted, and is optimally set for our oils thick viscosity.
– Do not store your battery in direct sun light or high temperatures.
– Screw your cartridge on and off of your pen from the base, to avoid stress on the battery joint.
– Store your batter safely when in transit. Please do not squash your battery in a pocket, sit on it, or crush it in your bag. The joints are sturdy but do need care.
– Elements cartridges and batteries are manufactured using a standard 510 thread.


Why isn’t my vape pulling?The most common problem with all vaporizers is the cartridge being screwed on to the battery too tightly, causing the connection plate at the base of the cartridge to be pushed in. You can often fix this problem easily by using any small tool to pull the connection plate out, just a little so it will connect with your battery.

Why is my battery button flashing pink when I try to draw on my vape?
This is usually caused by a faulty cartridge opposed to battery, please try an alternative cartridge and see the question above on how to troubleshoot the most common problem with vape cartridges.

Can I refill my cartridge?
Elements cartridges are manufactured for single use. Many consumers do choose to refill their cartridges, however we can not guarantee how many smoking cycles you might get out of a cartridge.

7 reviews for Elements- Vape Pen Kit 500mg THC (Sativa)

  1. Drew (verified owner)

    Huge upgrade from my last pen which was a Treemo slim. This pen hits like a truck and with the adjustable airflow/voltage it can hit any experience level of smoker. Highly recommended over disposable pens.

  2. Thurgood Jenkins (verified owner)

    My first pen and I love it. JH strand has nice head high and a fun taste.

  3. coreybelanger89 (verified owner)

    This is an fantastic device. It’s really easy to use. GOes in so smooth and can be adjusted in it’s too strong. It has no dangerous substances so you can feel safe using it. Easy to put together. Oh and makes you high as a kite!

  4. Tiffany charette

    Very good! Maybe the best lol smooth but a bit too easy.

  5. Dave Gibel

    Excellent products and fast delivery!!!

  6. Happyfuntime

    awesome! We loved the mauwi wowi

  7. mcbudlover420

    Great taste and so discrete!

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