Blue Diamond (AAAA) 14g- TUNA CAN


Blue Diamond (AAAA) 14g- TUNA CAN

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Strain Information
  • Hybrid: 75% Indica 25% Sativa
  • THC: 20%
  • CBD: ~0.05%
  • Grade Quality: AAAA
Strain Attributes
  • Effects – Euphoria, Happy, Passive, Relaxed
  • Flavors –Sweet, Herbals, Earthy
  • Helps with –Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines

Blue Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious background. This precious gem was forged by breeders BioQueen Genetics, producers who have stabilized strains like Ice Queen and Big Princess. Although BioQueen has not made this strain’s exact lineage publicly known, its slightly sleepy vibes imply that this otherwise well-balanced strain has a hefty dose of indica in its background. Furthermore, some have speculated that Blue Diamond’s naming convention points to a cross between the ever-popular Blue Dream and the potent Diamond OG. Whatever its genetic makeup, Blue Diamond’s potency appeals to cannabis novices and veterans alike. Although the strain is high in THC, there are also some high-CBD varietals in circulation; these are calibrated for physically therapeutic, rather than psychoactive, use.

6 reviews for Blue Diamond (AAAA) 14g- TUNA CAN

  1. wiljackson13

    Not bad smoke but for $100/14g 🤷‍♂️

  2. tml4life

    Pretty kind, little harsh so have a cold one at hand.

  3. mcbudlover420

    I agree with the harshness. I also think pricing can come down site wide as others are far cheaper.

  4. licatas95

    amazing budd and very strong i love it 🙂

  5. Happyfuntime

    Too harsh for my preferance.

  6. licatas95

    this is so bomb looking herb truly looks so good

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