Know Your Cannabis: Indica Versus Sativa

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Know Your Cannabis: Indica Versus Sativa

The world of cannabis is only going to continue to grow with many states having medicinal and recreational cannabis coming up on their ballots. There was a time where consumers of cannabis took what they could find regardless of the impacts the cannabis had on them. There are two main types of cannabis which are classified as cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. There are hybrids of these as well as some indicas smoking like a Sativa and vice versa. For cannabis consumers or those looking into trying cannabis understanding the differences in these types of cannabis is important. There are those people that enjoy smoking a sativa during the day but opt for indica to relax or to go to sleep. The following will delve into sativas and indicas as well as touch on tips for first-time cannabis consumers.

What You Should Know About Indica Strains

Indica strains tend to have larger shorter buds while the leaves are shorter and wider. The impact that an indica strain will have on a consumer will be that of a body high versus a head high. Activities, like sitting back and binging on a Netflix series, goes perfect with an indica. “In da couch” is a saying used by those as a way to remember the impacts indica strains can have on cannabis consumers. Some popular strains include Grand Daddy Purple, Northern Lights, Bubba Kush, and many more. Appetite stimulation makes indicas important for those people undergoing chemotherapy or have trouble eating. Pain relief is another staple of indicas making it a widely used type of cannabis for a plethora of medical reasons. Some people use indicas throughout the day but it is recommended for use at night.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, have longer, thinner buds as well as the plant is taller and slimmer than that of indica strains. sativa strains create a head high and alertness that is perfect to get the day started. The user can feel energized or creative so this is used often by those in the artistic community. Smoking sativa at night can be a bad idea as this can lead to your mind racing instead of focusing on falling asleep. sativa plans also take longer to grow than that of Indica plants as well as yielding less in terms of flower weight. Some popular sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Jack Herer as well as many others. So, what are the differences between consuming a sativa compared to an indica?

A sativa is perfect for a person looking to go on a hike or want to feel uplifting during the day. An indica creates relaxation but does not increase energy levels or creativity in most people. A person could use an indica to unwind for the day while a sativa can help their productivity levels at work. The big question of the consumer is what they want to do as well as how they want to feel after cannabis consumption. Cannabis is an amazing plant that can help with a myriad of medical issues as well as being quite a bit of fun to consume.

First Time Trying Cannabis? Keep These Few Tips In Mind

Cannabis is far more mainstream than in the past due to states legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis. The truth about cannabis is that you can have a very negative time if you try to smoke like someone that has been using cannabis for years on your first attempt. The following are tips to make that first-time using cannabis as positive of an experience as possible.

Scheduling out time where you do not have to do anything like work or drive is important. Cannabis can impair you to the point of not being able to do either in the appropriate manner. A clear schedule can allow someone to enjoy smoking but a tight schedule can lead to anxiety or the freak out which happens to some smokers from time to time.

A safe environment should be a priority as smoking on a roof while it seems fun can be extremely dangerous for a person that doesn’t understand how cannabis will impact them. Picking a few trusted friends to help comfort you can allow you to have fun and not overthink being high. Beware of those friends that might think it is funny to have you take a huge dab of shatter when you have never even smoked cannabis flower in the past.

Knowing your tolerance can be tough for a first-time smoker or someone looking to try edibles. Edibles can be far easier to dose when compared to cannabis flower but it is important to allow the THC to kick in rather than eating more while waiting. Cannabis flower has different THC levels by strain or even within one strain depending on the quality of the grow.

The best strategy for a first-time cannabis consumer is to start as slow as possible. Do not worry about friends calling you a lightweight as you want to enjoy yourself rather than be peer pressured into getting too high.

Doing research is imperative when using cannabis as you want to know what to expect to a point. This can include smoking etiquette or the ever-important tip of not trying to pull the banger out of a dab rig like you would with a traditional bong.


Understanding what type of cannabis that you are going to consume can help you get prepared. Cannabis is illegal in some parts of the country which can make it impossible to find a reliable dispensary to buy from. However, for those who live in a legal state, if you want to feel positive and productive, a sativa can hit the spot. On the other hand, those who want to clear their minds might be a very potent indica rewarding.

In the end, taking the time to test out sativa and indica strains is the best way to find which one works best for you and your smoking needs.

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