Edibles vs. Smoking: Ingesting Marijuana

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Edibles vs. Smoking: Ingesting Marijuana

Two of the most popular methods of ingesting marijuana are Edibles and Smoking. Smoking weed is probably the most common and popular way to get the effects of marijuana, while Edibles offer a stronger and more sustained experience. Both of these methods have pros and cons, so when it comes to Edibles vs. Smoking, which should you choose?

Many factors come into the choice between smoking weed and eating marijuana edibles. Would you rather have extremely strong effects or kick back with a nice level high? Would you rather get high for a few hours or the whole day? Do you enjoy eating more than you enjoy taking a hit of marijuana smoke? Here’s a guide to Edibles vs. Smoking.

Edibles vs. Smoking: What’s The Difference?

Smoking and eating marijuana edibles are two very different methods of marijuana consumption. While both can give you the powerful effects and benefits of THC, they both work on your body in extremely different ways. Not only are the products you use different, but the way they interact with your body and the kind of high you can expect also contrast significantly.

The most common method of marijuana consumption is smoking, and there are a few different ways you can do it. You can grind weed and roll it into a joint or spliff, making for a quick and simple way to smoke or even share weed with friends. You can also smoke weed from a bong or pipe for extra convenience.

Edibles come in all kinds of interesting forms. For instance, you can find THC Gummies, Cookies, Brownies, Chocolate Bars, and many other edible creations. When you eat edibles, your body converts the THC into a stronger chemical, resulting in a more potent and longer-lasting high. However, they can also be a little overwhelming in some situations.

Edibles vs. Smoking What’s The Difference

Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is Stronger?

When it comes to which of these methods is stronger, Marijuana Edibles win hands down. Although smoking high-THC strains of weed can give you a perfectly potent high, Edibles are even more powerful since your body converts THC into a stronger form when consumed orally.

To use Marijuana Edibles, all you have to do is eat them and wait. They take a while to kick in as your body converts THC into 11-hydroxy-THC. However, when you do get high, you’ll feel the euphoric and mind-boosting effects in full force. Many users opt for edibles simply for the strength of the high.

Not only are Edibles stronger than smoking marijuana, but they also last significantly longer. One study found that when you smoke marijuana, effects come on almost instantly, peak at around 15-30 minutes, and taper off after about 2-3 hours. Edibles can take 30-90 minutes to kick in, but peak at 2-3 hours and can last for up to 12. As such, it’s best to smoke instead of using Edibles if you plan to be somewhat productive that day.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is More Convenient?

Another factor to consider is convenience. Of course, Edibles are much more convenient to use when compared to having to grind weed and roll a joint- all you do is eat them. Using a bong or pipe makes smoking a lot easier. However, aside from the convenience of use, you should also consider the convenience of the effects.

Marijuana Edibles give you a stronger high that can last for 4-12 hours. However, this isn’t always convenient. It’s easy to get higher than you want to, and you’ll likely be stuck in the same state for hours. Not to mention the fact that you could be waiting up to 2 hours for the high to even start.

Smoking might not be as potent, but it’s very easy to smoke as little or as much as you want to get the perfect high. If you need some mild relaxation, take a couple of hits from a bong, pipe or joint. If you want a strong high, then you simply have to smoke more.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is Better For Medical Use?

Both of these methods of consumption can work for medical users. However, since they’re so different, they help in different ways and which one is better for your symptoms is another consideration worth making.

Since Edibles are stronger, they can be very helpful for symptoms such as severe pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines, nausea, and more. They can also help reduce stress. At the same time, Edibles might feel like overkill due to the incredibly long high. There’s also a chance they can worsen anxiety and paranoia.

Smoking is quick and convenient- you just take a few hits to relieve all kinds of symptoms from pain to stress and depression. However, Edibles can still be useful. Some medical users take microdoses of Edibles, eating around 2.5-5mg for mild but long-lasting medical relief.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Product Range

Edibles vs. Smoking: Product Range

One of the key benefits of both smoking and edibles is that you have a lot of products to choose from. With so many strains of weed you can smoke and a huge variety of tasty edibles, it’s hard to get bored with either method.

When it comes to smoking, you have a choice between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains are known to be more relaxing, giving you soothing physical effects. Sativa strains are more likely to energize your body and your mind. Hybrid strains give you a balance of both.

Edibles can also come in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. However, the main choice you’ll make is which kind of edibles to eat. Popular options include Gummies, Chocolate Bars, Caramels, and Baked Goods such as Brownies, Cookies, and Cakes. You can also find marijuana-infused drinks or even make homemade edibles and drinks using THC Tinctures.


When it comes to Edibles vs. Smoking, it’s best to try both out at some point. Smoking marijuana is a great option for when you want a fast-acting high that’s easy to control. Edibles are for the times where you want the most hard-hitting psychoactive experience, although microdosing is a good option for milder effects. No matter which you prefer, you can buy all kinds of edibles and marijuana strains online at OnlineWeeds.ca.

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